The air was as heavy as it could be;
as light as you and me —
alone there, I felt we drifting
softly like a boat and slowly lifting
off the floor (we were not very sober)
and above tomorrow’s hangover.
Restless, we were pushed by the flow
like nothing else mattered, even though
trapped in our bodies’s clutch
I can’t remember anything as such.
And somehow, I wasn’t preocuppied anymore.
There was this whole new world to explore;
I knew not what to do when
this very thought made me smile:
it is possible to lay my head in peace again,
even if it’s just for a little while.


the cracks

a cracked speech,
milk spilled
all over the hills
of our secret
the mirror showed
a waterless ocean
a ghost colored
in jeans;
sand slips through
the cracks
of the hourglass
time running

Sad giants

We are giants; We move slow; We calculate,
A close distance of half the earth—
It is hard, we move slow, it is sad, we are sad—
We are exactly where we need to be—
Moving slowly, watching each other with desire,
We are giants, huge giants, bigger than could be—
Our skins have its scars and its cracks and it lacks
We breathe slowly and slowly die,
We keep on calculating—
We want so badly to kiss,
We want so badly to kiss each other
and still, We are afraid of what our lips may ruin
this time.

Dawn with Jesus by my side

I smoke a cigarette
Never lit by anyone
The smoke did not fly beautifully
Through my lungs and out of me
With everything I have
And leaving nothing inside.

I saw Jesus and he asked me if I believed in cancer.
I nodded and lowered my fake leather hat.
Jesus said to me that I was a wise man for the unlit cig.
He answered my silence with more silence,
The cold wind lashed the prairy somewhere around the area
And our tattered selves.

Jesus was a grimy man with dirty clothes.
We watched the dawn together half asleep by exhaustion.
He said to me that cancer was hard to believe, even if you have it.
I nodded and took the cigarette out of my mouth,
Blew air full of half emptiness and put it back.
He asked if he could have the cigarette.

I said why not.
But did not hand it to him.
And asked if he believed in cancer.
He said sometimes, but still found hard.
He took the cigarette out of my mouth and groped himself for a lighter or a match.
I said don’t look at me pal, I don’t have it either.
He smiled his Jesus loves you smile and told me not to worry.

I wanted to ask him what should I do with my life, but it sounded cheesy in my head.
So I kept it to myself and stared at him in silence.

A huge explosion happens then.
A fire started nearby.
A fiery horizon hurt my eyes

Jesus said he gotta go.
I did not bid farewell.
He was already far with the unlit cigrette between his fingers
When, without stop walking, he turns and yells
“Love thyself and thy neighbour!”

I watched him go walking towards the fire for some time.
But I was tired,
Lied down on the ground,
Put my hat over my face and let the weakness spread throughout my body
Until I was sound asleep.

O beauty

People cook in vapour breath.
Home becomes a fire within.
Along with the mat rolls my wrath.
Synthetic cat eyes walks in.
Penny parades at the admired bin.
A dress laughs a sad, sad laugh.
     O beauty, O beauty of mine
     I offer you my heart, spare my spine.