What happened to the Captain

For the first, A., would say
with a smile like a warning:
Good morning, Captain — good morning,
my faithful and reliable Captain;
hear the wind sing,
sing the wind near
‘cause tomorrow I’ll also be here.

For the second, B., would disagree
as if she sang a mellow tune:
Good afternoon, Captain — good afternoon,
O! singular and half full Captain;
listen to the song I sing,
stay for now to feel my sorrow
‘cause you can’t be here tomorrow.

The third, C., would just smile perfectly
with kindness and unreasoning:
Good evening, Captain — good evening,
my out of reach and young Captain;
let us explore the midnight sun
and explode the evening mist
‘cause tomorrow we won’t exist.

There was the fourth, D., she
has a lot to say:
Good day, Captain — good day,
O! confusing and wise Captain;
remember what never happened!
and let’s wait on the weather
‘cause tomorrow we’ll be together.

Then there was, E., who said loudly
with no breaks or fright:
Good night, Captain — good night,
my selfish and blind Captain;
I love you today
and I love you right now
‘cause tomorrow I’ll forget somehow.

In new year’s day
the captain lied down on the shore
decided not to be a captain anymore
and let the water wash him away.


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