The air was as heavy as it could be;
as light as you and me —
alone there, I felt we drifting
softly like a boat and slowly lifting
off the floor (we were not very sober)
and above tomorrow’s hangover.
Restless, we were pushed by the flow
like nothing else mattered, even though
trapped in our bodies’s clutch
I can’t remember anything as such.
And somehow, I wasn’t preocuppied anymore.
There was this whole new world to explore;
I knew not what to do when
this very thought made me smile:
it is possible to lay my head in peace again,
even if it’s just for a little while.


One comment

  1. Pedro Lopes · Dezembro 11, 2012

    Mas que ritmo foda, eu imagino isso sendo lido pelo Vincent Price rsrsrs


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